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History & Mission

Herald Youth Center began in 1992 as a ministry of Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) to reach Chinatown youth for Christ. We offered one of the first after school programs in Chinatown and held an annual Gospel Camp for teens. Our goal was to cultivate a harvest of leaders for Christ.

Over the years, Chinatown began to change. Children of immigrants were moving out of the area and living in other parts of New York. Family owned businesses and hole in the wall shops began to disappear. In an increasingly gentrified environment, the needs of the continued influx of immigrants and their children began to be overlooked.

To better fit the needs of the youth in our community, we have reshaped our mission. We seek to bring together people in Christ and for Christ. Our target population are Chinese (both immigrant and American) teens in Manhattan’s Chinatown and the surrounding boroughs. The focus of our ministry is to develop effective youth programs in cooperation and partnership with local churches and ministries. In order to reach more youth, we can’t do it alone. Our efforts thrive on training and building up brothers and sisters in Christ to do youth ministry, and then sending them back to their churches to reach even more youth with the love of God.