Chinese Christian Herald Crusades

Meet the Parent.

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in NYC to make known the love of Christ among the immigrant Chinese community. Through integrating community services and programs with evangelistic efforts, we seek to provide holistic care for Chinese immigrant families.

Our vision is to strategically minister to a multi-generational population. Diversified ministry programs have been established in major cities around the world, with our headquarters in New York City’s Flushing. Nationwide branch offices in the United States include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, and Philadelphia. Other CCHC ministries have been developed in Canada, Europe, South America, Hong Kong, and in 2012, Australia. Herald Monthly, our evangelistic regional newspaper, is produced and distributed in 24 major cities around the world, including branch locations mentioned previously.

In 2004, our first Children’s Village dedicated to serving children of incarcerated parents and orphans was built in Sanming of Fujian Province, China and in 2005, our second Children’s Village in Guanxi, in the Fujian Province was established. In 2010, the fourth village was established in Sichuan.

Recognizing the growing influx of Chinese immigrants in Queens, CCHC launched an extension center in the heart of downtown Flushing in 2003. Subsequently, with a new vision to bring in resources from outside the city, CCHC set out to build a missions training center. By faith, in 2009, CCHC opened its new Herald Mission Center (HMC)  in Flushing dedicated to serving the community, building up families, and training others to do God’s work in the city.

The NY Chinatown branch, known as CCHC’s Urban Ministries Center (UMC), concurrently underwent some changes as we moved most of our ministries and offices to HMC. The UMC building upper floors were converted into dormitories to house short term missionaries. CCHC continues to seek partnerships with the body of Christ to reach the Chinese population for the glory of God. Our belief is still that God provides for those he calls to do His kingdom work. The Youth & Camp Herald Department is housed in suite 503 on the 5th floor of 81 Elizabeth Street.

The vast majority of CCHC’s finances (roughly 85%) come from Christian individuals and churches. We are truly blessed by our partnership with many brothers and sisters who serve alongside us in this capacity. The rest of our funding comes from a mixture of earned income and some foundation grants.