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Haven Café is a new initiative to reach out to the Chinatown community by providing a space for excellent beverages to be served and meaningful relationships to be built. Our mission is to foster a hospitable environment that cultivates leaders and engages culture. We are currently doing renovations and are expected to open Spring 2019.

Location: Mott & Grand Street

Donations can be made at: gofundme.com/havencafe

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Our Team (pictured from left to right):  Ray Low ,  Timmy Yee , and  Kevin Liu

Our Team (pictured from left to right):
Ray Low, Timmy Yee, and Kevin Liu

Our Constitution:

  • Promoting excellence and expertise in the industry of food and beverage service.

  • Fostering an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort.

  • Establishing a work environment characterized by exceptional employee care and nurture.

  • Hosting community events that generate opportunities for church youth to grow in mission and in leadership development.

  • Engaging Chinatown culture intimately through our identity as Asian Americans.

  • Exemplifying generosity through community service events and through intentionally employing the disadvantaged.

  • Abiding in faith and doing everything out of love for God and for one another.

For more information, feel free to email us at hyc@cchc.org